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Rugby Wharf
Bridge 53 North Oxford Canal

Handy Tips


Cruising Etiquette

Cruise in the centre of the Canal, move to your right should someone come the other way.

Speed Limit

Speed Limit is upto 4mph, this is a brisque walking pace, if the wave created by the propellor, hits the bank and carries on down the bankside, you need to slow down; always slow down when going passed moored boats, through bridges, approaching locks, bends and junctions.


You can cruise from sunrise to sunset; you are not insured to travel outside of these times.


Fill up with water everyday, if you don't you might run out of water,
no cups of tea, no toilet, no washing.

Before you leave

Make sure you know how your toilet and heating works, ask as many questions as you need
to before you leave.


Keep off the roof. Bridges can be low. Keep of the roof, when wet its very slippy.

Noise Polution

If your group is a bit noisy, moor away from other boats, it saves a lot of trouble.


You can moor up and stay anywhere on the towpath side, which is the side you can walk on, it will say very clearly if you can't, exceptions are water points/dock moorings and turning points. This is a No No.

Checks and Updates

Cruising route Check www.canalrivertrust.org.uk to make sure there are no restrictions or stoppages on the preferred route a couple of days before your holiday. When planning your route always build in time should anything go wrong, remember the canals are a 200-year-old man-made navigation system.

Steering Position

No one to sit or stand within the arc created by the tiller; as this can result in crashes or at worst – man overboard.


No fishing is allowed in the close season, and you need a national licence available from
the Post Office and online, but please be aware we don't allow live bait on our boats.

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